About Me in the thrid person

Andre Hostalácio is a multi disciplinary artist from Brazil. His artwork explores deferent meanings of interaction and technology.

He studied at the University of Arts UdK in Berlin where he received a bachelor and a Master diploma in experimental media. His academic work is an investigation of sonic space and generative art. He explores identities, materials and behavior in interactive sound installations and audio-visual performances over the pseudonym Andre Wakko.

With a background in Art and Technology, André started developing projects towards ecology and awareness over the name Estanislau Hostalácio, and from this fusion he co-found ARTERA aiming to connect with people and projects in pursuit of a sustainable environment. In this journey, He started a peregrination thru diverse permaculture projects and eco communities, usually practicing gardening, natural construction and general management.

Now He co-founded TOCA, a company that design products for a more conscious use Technology.



2014 "Ancient Machines New Music" - UDK - Berlin - Germany
2014 "NNIE" - Somos Art House - Berlin - Germany
2013 ">1000Hertz" - Somos Art House - Berlin - Germany
2013 "Resonance" - KHOJ International Artists - Delhi - India
2013 "Sonematik" - Georgette ZM - Belo Horizonte - Brazil
2013 "Chuva" - French Union - Belo Horizonte - Brazil
2012 "Forest Code" - CalArts - CA - USA
2012 "SFO" - Gaite Lyrique - Paris - France
2012 "Sonematik" - Roy O. Disney Concert Hall - LA - USA
2011 "We are getting nowhere" - Transmediale - Ida Nowhere - Berlin - Germany
2011 "Unterwasser" - Radical Openess - Linz - Austria
2011 "Sonematik" - Mica Moca - Berlin - Germany
2011 "Unterwasser" - Memorial da America Latina - São Paulo - Brazil
2010 "I Hear Fibonacci when I sleep" - UDK - Berlin - Germany
2010 "Marionet" - HBC - Berlin - Germany
2010 "Pina Collider" HBC - Berlin - Germany
2009 "SommerCamp" - Berlin - Germany
2008 "Tuned" - Tuned City - Berlin - Germany
2006 "Imporvisoes" - Award - Belo Horizonte - Brazil.


2014 Permaculture Course - Varzea Viva - Aljezur - Portugal
2014 Meister Schule - Experimentelle Mediengestaltung - UDK - Berlin - Germany
2013 Artist in Residence KHOJ - India
2013 DAAD Scholarship Meister Schule - UDK - Berlin - Germany
2012 Diplom - Kunst und Medien - UDK - Berlin - Germany
2011 CalArts Scholarship - Integrated Media - CalArts University - CA - USA
2007 Diplom - Graphic Design - FUMEC - MG - Brazil
2000 Formation - Circus School - Spasso Escola de Circo MG - Brazil


Andre Carvalho Hostalácio was born in Belo Horizonte – Brazil.

In his early years, late 90´s, he attended to the Circus school Spasso where He learned different circus technics but most important, He started working in a collective, developing performances and structuring group dynamics. In this moment the pseudonym Andre Wakko was born as a dark clown circus persona and kept following him for the next 13 years.

Inside the circus his interest in music and sound experimentation lid him to the music school where he studied trumpet and drums and soon started his sound design career. He than got into the cinema school and in parallel he studied graphic design at the FUMEC university, where He developed the first sound design project entitle Sonema – a cinema made only with sounds.

In 2006 the Azucrina Collective was born ( where he develop art and media projects, organized events and worked together with innumerous local artists in sound forensics activities and experimental media productions.

Deeply involved with the sound field, André moved to Berlin in 2008 to study in the University of Arts (UDK), in the Art and Media department with the professors Alberto de Campo and Fredrik Olofsson. The university in Berlin made it possible to participate in art residencies around the world. He spend one year at CalArts (CA-US) and in Kohj Institute in India. Also He participate in festivals, workshops and symposiums such as TunedCity, Transmediale, CTM and others. He was still using his pseudonym Andre Wakko which holded a whole new career spectrum from the circus days.

Together with the academic study, Andre released techno tracks and worked as a DJ in labels such as Tonkind, Freizeitglauben, Golden Gate, Heinz, Laut&Luise and Paradise Now.

Now after receiving a Bachelor and a Master diploma in experimental media at UdK, he started to pursuit a new direction in art and sustainability, travelling to permaculture and holistic center in Europe and Brazil, creating his new pseudonym Estanislau Hostalácio A mix of his grandfather and father name, developing new skills and a whole new network, that culminates into the ARTERA project together with other artists, activists and people who search for a new awareness in the world.